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HiPAI’s mission is to improve and accelerate healthcare innovation by connecting patients with certified healthcare professionals through our app. With HiPAI, you can find a doctor and schedule an appointment, interact with professionals through calls or SMS, book a ride your appointment, scan and manage your medical documents, and track your medical expenses with your smartphone. We provide personalized health tips and tools to manage your health proactively. Lead a healthier life with HiPAI

Fast and Easy Access to Your Healthcare Information

HiPAI, one of the most intuitive healthcare applications on the market, allows you to find healthcare professionals, manage your records, and store payment receipts and prescriptions securely. Our app provides you with personalized healthcare content including daily health tips, emergency contact information, and a digital first-aid kit.

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Find Physicians Who are Right for You

With just a few swipes, you can find the best doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other health providers within a walking or driving distance to treat your health issue.

Scan Documents

Scan, store and manage your healthcare data in your own digital storage devices, such us mobile app or in GDrive. We provide optional cloud storage to store your data for your entire lifetime. Your records are stored securely with timeline. Data stored in device and Cloud are searchable, sharable, downloadable in PDF format with multiple pages, and printable whenever you need them.

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Available on all Android/iOS Devices

HiPAI is available in all Android and iOS mobile devices. The app supports Android version Jelly Bean and iOS version 11.0 and above. You can download this app directly from the Apple's app store and Google's play store

All Platforms
All Platforms

All Platforms

Highly Secured

Own and Secure your Data

HiPAI helps you organize and store your healthcare records securely. Prescriptions, postpartum reports, co-insurance receipts, physician visit reports etc. can all be stored using our app. HiPAI allows you to securely hold on to health information and share records with your doctors as necessary

Easy to Use and Personalized

Designed for Patients

The HiPAI experience is tailored for patients, so it’s easy for Seniors and Adults to use. The app utilizes all device sensor capabilities to make your experience smooth and efficient. With our app, you can personalize physicians for you and your family.

Quality Product

Product of Extensive Digital Health Research

Our team has performed extensive research on the Electronic Health Record Management, Patient Experience, healthcare provider’s digital engagement, insurance enrollment experience, patients life-cycle, and modern Information Technologies. This has helped us to develop and deliver the best usable patient-care digital health app.

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  • Find a doctor according to your symptoms and discover your primary care doctors, pediatricians, OBGYNs, and more.
    Book a same day appointment and get better fast. Improved, safer and convenience healthcare solutions to patients.

  • Check your doctor’s profile for specialization, availability, consultation fees, and feedbacks.
    Provides you effortless communication with doctors and hospital staff. Get priority appointments as per your convenience.

  • With Geolocation services, you can find your preferred doctor each other on maps and their location with ease.
    It provides a review of your destination and always tells you the right path to choose while on the go. This ensures the best possible user experience ever you had.

  • Transportation barriers are not meant for your health. Select your cab service for reliable ride.
    Automated billing, Safety and Respect for all to “Make it Click” every trip.

  • Take photocopies of your ailments, and scan your clinical reports. They are fully secured and encrypted.

    Share images with specialists to enable them to access your data anytime, anywhere.

  • Upload your lab results and medications in local/Gdrive for doctors to see the full picture of your needs and manage them.

    Upload a secure image of the ECG or a photo of the patient’s injury and automatically notify the hospital.

  • Your medication, lab reports, and history presented here helps the doctors to provide immediate treatment in critical situations.

    Summarized changes in patient’s health over time are specifically tailored here for value-based healthcare system.

  • Point-to-point sharing of critical and real-time patient data thereby enabling exchange of clinical documents within and across hospitals.

    Supports the re-use of clinical data for public health reporting, quality monitoring, patient safety and clinical trials.

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Our Team

Dinesh GanesanFounder & CEO

Dinesh Ganesan

Founder & CEO

Dinesh is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of HiPAI. He believes healthcare is Citizen’s fundamental right, and healthcare systems and process should be modernized and automated to improve the access and to reduce the cost. Mr. Dinesh has 20+ years of experience in modernizing and enabling digital services for Government and Large Corporations. Mr. Dinesh holds Master of Science(MS) from Boston University, PMP Certified, and Said Business school certified blockchain architect

Amal Thainese

Founder & Chief Architect

Alex is a Co-Founder for HiPAI, responsible for product and release engineering. Mr. Alex is a technology enthusiast who enjoys building Proof of Concept to solve complex problems using open source framework and modern technologies. He has 20+ years of experience in software design and development. Mr. Alex holds Master of Computer Applications (MCA) from Madras University.

Amal ThaineseFounder & Chief Architect
Sivarama JavvajiEngineering Lead

Sivarama Javvaji

Engineering Lead

Sivarama is a Engineering Lead, responsible for the team management, monitoring, reporting, timely project execution and provided input into planning and managing company resources to execute development project or project components from design phase through implementation. He has 7+ years of experience on mobile/web app solutions for Trivia, Enterprise, Health care, Non profit, Business, Education, E-commerce & Lifestyle industries. Mr. Sivarama holds Master of Science(MS), Computers & Network Security from Middlesex University, London.